Any attack on US forces will have a forceful response: Biden warns the Taliban

We are also keeping a close eye on any potential terrorist threats in or around the airport: Biden


The United States will maintain a laser focus on its counterterrorism mission in Afghanistan, President Joe Biden said on Friday, warning the Taliban of a forceful response to any attack on US forces or disruption of their operations at the Kabul airport.

“We made it clear to the Taliban that any attack, any attack on our forces or disruption of our operations at the airport will have a swift and forceful response,” Biden told reporters at a press conference at the White House.

“We are also closely monitoring any potential terrorist threats in or around the airport, including from ISIS affiliates in Afghanistan,” he said.

“I have said it all the time, we are going to maintain a laser focus on our mission against terrorism, working in close coordination with our allies and our partners and all those who have an interest in ensuring stability in the region,” Biden said.

He said Secretary of State Tony Blinken and other administration officials met Friday morning with NATO allies on the way forward so that Afghanistan cannot be used as a base to launch a terrorist attack against the United States and your allies.

“For 20 years, Afghanistan has been a joint effort with our NATO allies. We come in together and we go again. Now we are working together to save our people and our Afghan partners,” he said.

In recent days, Biden said, he has spoken to his counterparts in Britain, Germany and France.

“We all agreed that we should meet, and we will convene the G7 meeting next week, a group of the world’s leading democracies so that together we can coordinate our mutual approach, our united approach on Afghanistan in the future,” he said.

“We are united with our closest partners to execute a mission. We have also discussed the need to work with the international community to provide humanitarian assistance, such as food aid and medical care, to refugees who have crossed into neighboring countries to escape the Taliban. , and to exert international pressure on the Taliban regarding the treatment of the Afghan people in general, but including Afghans, in particular, women and girls, “he added.

In response to a question, Biden said that so far he has not heard any ally question the credibility of the United States.

“I have spoken with our NATO allies. We have spoken with the NATO allies, the Secretary of State. Our national security adviser has been in contact with his counterparts around the world and our allies, just like General – or, excuse me, I still call him a general, but my Secretary of Defense. The fact is that I have not seen him, “he said.

“In fact, the exact opposite. I have the exact opposite, since we are acting fast, we are acting, committing to what we said we would do. Look, let’s put this in perspective here. What interest do we have in Afghanistan right now with al “Qaeda missing? We went to Afghanistan for the express purpose of getting rid of al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, as well as capturing Osama bin Laden, and we did,” Biden said.

“We went and did the mission. You have known my position for a long, long time. It is time to end this war. Estimates of the cost of this war over the last 20 years range from a low of $ 1 trillion to a group. from experts at one of the universities that says $ 2 trillion. That’s somewhere between $ 150 million per day and $ 300 million per day, “he said.

The threat of terrorism has metastasized, he said, adding that there is a greater danger from ISIS and al-Qaeda and all these affiliates in other countries, much more than in Afghanistan, Biden said.

“We are going to retain a capability on the horizon that if they came back, in order to get them out, they would be surgically moved. So this is where we should be. It’s about the United States leading the world with all of our allies.” I agree with that, “he said.

(Except for the headline, this story has not been edited by NDTV staff and is posted from a syndicated feed.)


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