Birth control is how you prevent pregnancy

You have a great deal of decisions for contraception, from condoms to covers to pills. Discover one that you’re certain with – and that you can focus on utilizing each time you engage in sexual relations. These incorporate conception prevention pills, stick-on patches, insertable vaginal rings, shots, and inserts. You’ll require a solution for them. They use chemicals, like the ones in your body, to stop the arrival of an egg with the goal that it can’t get treated by sperm.

How well it functions relies upon how well you use it. A great many people don’t utilize any technique consummately, constantly. Things occur! With ordinary use, hormonal contraception is about 90% viable. In any case, whenever utilized accurately constantly, it forestalls abortion pregnancy more than 99% of the time. The embed is additionally about 99% viable. On the off chance that you choose to take an anti-conception medication pill, ask your primary care physician how long you should utilize another type of contraception until the pill produces results. As the name proposes, these make a hindrance to shield sperm from arriving at an egg. You can get the vast majority of them at a drug store with no remedy.

Male condoms are dependable and modest. Latex condoms are a decent decision. They’re strong and might be more viable against explicitly sent sicknesses (sexually transmitted diseases) than “normal” or “lambskin” condoms. With ordinary use, the male condom is about 80% powerful. Whenever utilized entirely without fail, it forestalls pregnancy 98% of the time. A female condom is a slim, adaptable, plastic cylinder that you would incompletely embed into your vagina, making a boundary. Female condoms may likewise help against sexually transmitted diseases. Female condoms are about 80% powerful.

The wipe is another non-remedy alternative. It’s a little piece of froth, treated with spermicide, that you place high up in your vagina. It’s somewhere in the range of 68% and 84% viable. You can likewise utilize spermicides – gels, creams, and froths – with other anti-conception medication or all alone. Alone, they’re about 70% compelling.

A couple of alternatives – like the stomach, cervical cap, and cervical shield – are accessible exclusively by solution. They’re elastic or silicone boundaries that you place far up in your vagina. They’re about 90% compelling in forestalling pregnancy. These are little, plastic gadgets that a specialist or attendant will embed into your uterus. The strategy is basic and speedy, albeit somewhat awkward. When it’s in position, the IUD will shield you from pregnancy for quite a while.

IUDs that utilization chemicals are useful for 3-5 years relying upon which type you get. The copper-T form – which uses copper, a characteristic sperm-executioner – is useful for as long as 10 years. IUDs are about 99% successful in forestalling pregnancy.

Vaginal contraception is embedded into the vagina preceding sex to establish an ungracious climate for sperm so it won’t arrive at the egg for preparation. These come in a few structures including froth, jam, tablet, cream, suppository, or dissolvable film.

Spermicides contain synthetics which executes the sperm. They can be bought over the counter and are 70-80% powerful. They work better when joined with a condom or stomach.


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