How to Make Your Perfume Last


Do you frequently spray on your perfume in the early morning but by lunchtime, it almost totally disappears? Well, if you experience Make your perfume singapore this situation, here are some tips on how to make your perfume last much longer.

1. Choose Perfume That Lasts

Citrus based perfumes tend to disappear rather fast. On the other hand, musks as well as woody based perfumes last much longer. The reason is because the latter evaporate slower.

Parfum has the longest lasting power because it has the most essential oils. However, it also costs the most. Second in terms of long-lasting fragrance is eau de parfum as well as eau de toilette. For everyday use, these two are the most suitable. Lastly, eau de cologne has the weakest fragrance but it costs the least.

Preserve your perfume’s potency by storing it in a cool dark place, not under direct sunlight. Some people even keep their perfume in its original box.

2. Apply Your Perfume In A Way That Makes It Last

Perfume lasts longer on moisturized skin which can trap the scent and keep them from evaporating quickly. So apply body lotion or a moisturizer after you shower. Then, when you spray your perfume, concentrate on your pulse points which are simply areas of your skin where your veins are near the surface and where you can feel your blood circulation. These include your neck, wrists, and even the area behind your knees. You may also want to spray a small amount of fragrance on your hair.

3. Reapply Your Perfume When Necessary

If your skin is dry, you can bring along a small bottle containing your perfume so you can reapply it if necessary. Generally, perfumes will last between four to eight hours. Of course, it depends on quality as well as the perfume’s essential oils concentration.

Lastly, do not spray on too much perfume. As the saying goes, less is more. It is normal to not be able to smell your own perfume some time after spraying it on. This is a normal defense mechanism in which our olfactive system shuts down. It doesn’t mean that the perfume is not noticeable to others. This is especially true for older people because their sense of smell starts to dull. Also, try to avoid spraying directly on your clothing because it can stain.

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