Is It Okay to Wear a Wig Every day?

This question comes from the last question we wrote earlier “Can I sleep in my lace wig and can we wear a wig every day?” The answer, of course, is you can. But how to wash it when you take a shower?

When you go on a business trip or vacation, sometimes you have to wear a human hair wig for several days. You don’t want to wear your lace wig every morning and you don’t want to keep your hair clean, so you can wash your lace wig on your head.

But remember that washing your lace wig will wash your natural hair much more than you would.

As long as you are taking care of the hair under the wig, it is okay to wear a wig every day. Be sure to wash both your wig and your hair regularly to avoid dirt.

That said, wearing the same wig every day will ultimately put pressure on the wig. Therefore, follow these tips to keep your wig healthy.

1. Wash your wig before wearing it.

Don’t wear it straight from the box. When you first remove a wig from its packaging, it retains the shape of the packaging, giving it a less natural look. Style it yourself, or consider going to a hairstylist who can cut it to look natural.

2. Don’t choose wild colors or provocative styles.

If you want to wear the same wig every day, make sure it’s a versatile wig – that is, you can wear it on many different occasions, whether it’s for a formal event or for work.

However, if you already own one or two traditional wigs, for special occasions, treat yourself freely with a little eccentricity.

3. Consider a partial wig.

You don’t have to wear a full wig every day, especially if you are new to wigs. Instead, try a half wig or experiment with a piece of the topper. Just make sure you blend it well into your natural hair texture.

But if you are not considering the price, full human hair lace front wigs are still the best choice, because nowadays wigs are designed with the initial friendliness that you can wear out of the box.

4. Pay attention to the hairline.

If your forehead is visible, choose human hair lace front wigs, which is one of the most natural-looking wigs available. Likewise, be careful that the wig is not too thick or too heavy at the base of the hair.

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