SHC issues warrants for KE chief – Pakistan


KARACHI: The Sindh High Court expressed resentment over the power outage, which halted court proceedings on Thursday.

Judge Salahuddin Panhwar commented that the SHC was paying around Rs 6 million every month to the utility company for electricity bills. He said that K-Electric should guarantee power supply to the pitch through a standby generator in such situations.

KE officials and their attorney informed the judge that a large part of the city was facing a sudden power outage due to the interruption of the National Transmission and Dispatch Company (NTDC) system, which was not under KE’s control. .

Earlier, when Judge Panhwar took over the cases scheduled for the morning, the sudden power outage caused interruptions in the process and upset the judge. It also caused unrest among the lawyers and litigants present in the courtroom in large numbers.

Judge Panhwar came down hard on KE and issued bail warrants against its chief executive officer (CEO) directing him to immediately appear before him and explain why the failure occurred.

The judge also called SHC registrar Abdul Razzaq and asked if any solar panels or other alternative power supply arrangements were available.

The registrar said they didn’t have any solar panels, but a generator was available.

Judge Panhwar asked him to look into the option of getting a solar panel.

Meanwhile, lawyer Arshad Tayebaly along with some KE officials appeared before the judge and explained the situation by stating that the breakdown was due to a failure in the national power grid.

The judge told them that the KE should take alternative measures to ensure the uninterrupted supply of power to the high court in the event of such failures.

Judge Panhwar also asked them to file a statement with the SHC registrar about a permanent solution to the problem. This statement was later submitted assuring the court that he would do everything possible to ensure an uninterrupted power supply to the court so that the proceedings would not be disturbed.

The statement, in this sense, mentioned the connectivity from the nearest alternative feeder in case the primary feeder was disconnected. However, KE officials maintained that it was the responsibility of the Public Works Department (PWD) and its management teams to ensure power supply through some alternative source in the event of a breakdown at SHC’s facilities. He said that the KE would also establish a technical liaison with the PWD to provide all available assistance in this regard.

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